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Meghana Raj began her heartfelt post by writing note for “Chiru.

A few weeks after the death of  Meghana Raj’s husband Chiranjeevi Sarja , Meghana Raj shared a bittersweet post on her Instagram profile on Thursday.  

Meghana Raj began her heartfelt post by writing, “Chiru, I have tried and tried again but I am unable to put in words what I want to tell you.” She added how her husband’s absence has left a void in her life which can never be filled. “All the words in the world cannot describe what you mean to me. My friend, my lover, my partner, my child, my confidante, my husband – you are much more than all of this. You are a piece of my soul Chiru,” wrote Meghana Raj.

Meghana married the late actor Chiru, in the year 2018, wrote in her note, “An unfathomable pain shoots through my soul every time I see the door and you don’t walk in shouting I am home. There is a sinking feeling in my heart when I can’t touch you every minute of every day. Like a thousand deaths, slow and painful. But then, like a magic spell I feel you around me. Every time I feel weak, you are around me like a guardian angel. You love me so much that you just couldn’t leave me behind alone, could you? You will live as long as I breathe. You are in me. I love you.” wrote Meghana Raj.