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38-year-old Talaulikar volunteers participated in human trials

GOA: Nearly 12 years ago, when Dr Vikram Talaulikar moved to the UK after finishing his MD in gynaecology from Goa Medical College, he never thought he would be a part of the human trials for one of the most-awaited vaccines.

“As a doctor and scientist, it was an honour for me to participate in this trial, contribute to science and join efforts to defeat this disease,” Talaulikar, an honorary senior clinical lecturer at the University College Hospital in London.

Panaji-born 38-year-old Talaulikar is one of the volunteers who has participated in the human trials for the vaccine against Covid-19 being developed by the Oxford Vaccine Group and was administered the vaccine on June 12.

“It was important to consult my family and have their opinion before I agreed to participate. My parents backed me for the study. My wife Anuradha has been a strong source of support,” said Talaulikar, whose father practiced as a gynaecologist in Panaji and Santa Cruz for 40 years.

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