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Activists lend support Melauli locals opposing IIT project

Social activists have expressed solidarity with Shel-Melauli villagers opposing the IIT project.

While Goencho Avaaz expressed shock over the “roughshod treatment” meted out by the police, the Federation of Rainbow Warriors demanded the immediate suspension of the police inspector who detained the three villagers.

“Such undemocratic behaviour by the men in uniform at the behest of the powers that be to bully the villagers into submission and instill fear deserves utmost condemnation,” said co-convener of Goencho Avaaz  Viriato Fernandes.

“It has been alleged that brokers have already concluded deals to sell the thousands and lakhs of trees that exist in the forest,” said co-convener Swapnesh Sherlekar.

The land which the government is trying to usurp from the villagers has belonged to the tribals and other villagers of Melauli for thousands of years, but was mysteriously and illegally transferred to the revenue department about 40 years ago, the federation has alleged, adding that Sattari is the most oppressed taluka in Goa where feudal landlords continue to have an iron grip despite 60 years since liberation.