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“Bengaluru Will Become Brazil”: HD Kumaraswamy

The government should impose a lockdown for another 20 days, former Karnataka chief minister JDS leader HD Kumaraswamy said this morning as he linked the rise in coronavirus cases to the ease in restrictions. An immediate shutdown should be also be announced in Karnataka, “especially for Bengaluru”, the 68-year-old leader said, adding that “Bengaluru will become another Brazil” if stricter restrictions are not put in place.

“Stop playing with human lives. It will not serve any purpose to seal a few areas. If you care for the human lives in Bengaluru, shut down the city totally for 20 days. Else, Bengaluru will become another Brazil. People’s lives are more important than the economy,” he wrote in Kannada, attacking the state government.

“I urge the Prime Minister to notice that the selective seal-down in containment zones has not served its purpose of arresting the pandemic and to impose a further 20 days national lock down. Lets not put economy ahead of peoples’ safety (sic),” the JDS leader added.