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BMC undertook trek to inspect biodiversity heritage

GOA: The Goa State Biodiversity Board and the biodiversity management committee (BMC) of Shristhal recently undertook at trek to inspect the proposed biodiversity heritage site at Gulem. Situated atop a hill, the area has a variety of medicinal plants and wildlife. It is locally known as ‘Shree Ghodepaikakodil Thikan’, or a place where the village deity of the local tribal communities of Gulem village rests.

Leading the team was Pradeep Sarmukadam, member secretary of the board, along with team member Ganesh Bhiva Gaonkar, Shristhal sarpanch Vinay Tubki, BMC chairman Deepak Bolwekar, zoology professor and incharge of BMC’s technical team, Shirish Pai, and members, Damodar Vasant Chari, Anjali Gaonkar and Govind Bhongo Velip. Locals with knowledge of medicinal plants assisted the team.

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