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Cathedral world heritage complex opened its doors

Goa: The iconic Se Cathedral in the world heritage complex of Old Goa, along with several churches, opened its doors for the first time in almost six months to coincide with the feast of the Nativity. “It was so satisfying to attend Mass after more than five months. We are extremely happy and are thankful to our parish priest Fr Alfred Vaz and assistant Fr Seby Vaz, who took a lot of pains to open the church,” parishioner Edward Crasta said.

“There were two Masses today. The 7am Mass was for the parishioners from only two wards as not more than 50 devotees can attend. At 5pm, a special Mass was celebrated for all the mothers from the parish,” Crasta said. Volunteers indicated where each one should sit. Faithful were not allowed to touch or kiss statues. Holy water fonts were kept dry and communion was given to the devotees on their way out of the church.

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