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CM said there is no variation in mortality

GOA:  Chief minister Pramod Sawant said that there is no variation in mortality rate between the six month period of pandemic and the six months preceding it. “I have compared the figures obtained from the department of planning and statistics and I will share it with you,” he said. About 95% of the patients who died due to Covid in Goa had comorbid conditions and 5% were brought in late for treatment, he said.

The delay in treatment was on part of the patient, Sawant said when asked whether some deaths could have been avoided. He was speaking at a function held to launch Covid kits for home isolation patients. “If a patient is rushed late to the hospital, he or she may be given injectable drugs or plasma therapy, but it may not be of much use,” he said. Therefore, we have started conducting death audits, the chief minister said and added that the deaths may be getting highlighted as Goa is a small state.

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