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Congress youth wing claimed BJP’s youth wing

GOA: Congress’ youth wing claimed that BJP’s youth wing tried to incite an attack on state Congress president Girish Chodankar, and demanded the arrest of a Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha member. Congress youth wing president Varad Mardolkar filed a complaint at the Panaji police station alleging that Gajanan Tilve made “outrageous comments” on social media against Chodankar and asked people to make Chodankar’s “face red”.

“When the opposition asks the government any question, it hurts BJP. The opposition is trying to play a constructive role and we have all the right to ask questions about government, whether it is a minister or the chief minister of the state. Give the answer to the question that the opposition asks instead of getting upset,” Panjikar said.
Congress also slammed tourism minister Manohar Agjaonkar for the delay in disbursing prize money to the winners of the Carnival float parade and the Shigmo committees.

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