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Corona virus outbreak “well under control.”: Health Department

The Covid outbreak at Bomdamol, Fatorpa, appears to be veering under control as after testing almost 50% of the population from within the Containment Zone, the rate of detection of  positive cases has been on a decline.
Sources said that since Bomdamol was declared as a containment zone on July 2 after 19 positive cases were detected from the locality, only three more have been found infected until Monday. A health department official described the situation as “well under control.”

Health department officials said that timely detection of positive cases in Bomdamol helped avert a widespread outbreak. “People from this area work as house maids and farm helps in Cuncolim and surrounding areas where they are mostly engaged in the work of bathing infants, cleaning utensils, washing clothes, etc. Had they gone undetected, cases would have spiked over a larger area rendering the task of containing the spread a tad difficult,” a health worker said.

Meanwhile at  Moti Dongor, 715 more throat swab samples were collected for testing. The health department has already tested nearly 1400 swab samples from within the containment zone Of the nearly 1,000 samples drawn in the last lot, five had tested positive.