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Covid-19 pandamic continues to spread across Goa

As the Covid-19 pandamic continues to spread across Goa, several old age homes across the state have restricted entry to inmates’ relatives, and staff have been asked to take maximum precautions. Some said that in the absence of any specific directions from the government, they’ve had to take their own steps to combat the pandemic.

He said that they stopped entry to outsiders and relatives in March itself, when the pandemic first began rearing its head. The extra precautions they’re taking are necessary since 55 of their inmates are bed-ridden.

“We purchase grocery items and other requirements and keep them outside, where they’re picked up by staff inside,” said the man running the home. “This way, we reduce any contact with our inmates.”

Meanwhile at Sneha Mandir, the management has arranged for all staffers to be picked up and dropped home, in order to help them avoid public transport. Talak said that while the home has received no directives from the government,  health workers from a nearby health centre do occasionally visit.