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Crimes By Foreigners In Goa

GOA: Statistics issued by the National Crime Record Bureau for 2019 have revealed that crimes committed by foreigners in Goa are more than five times the crimes committed against them.Goa recorded 21 cases of crimes against foreigners last year, as opposed to 110 cases of offences committed by them.“Goa is a popular tourist destination, and lakhs of tourists visit Goa every year,” said SP (crime branch) Shobhit Saxena. “Goa police are committed to ensuring the safety and security of all persons in Goa. The law applies equally to all, and the police take lawful action against all persons involved in crimes.”
A senior police officer said that since Goa is a prominent tourism destination, the number of crimes pertaining to foreigners is higher than in other states.Nationally, a total of 409 crimes against foreigners were recorded in 2019, with Delhi topping the list with 123 cases, followed by Maharashtra (48), Karnataka (46), and Tamil Nadu (23).The data also shows 2,251 crimes by foreigners. West Bengal led this list with 744 cases, followed by Delhi (264) and Maharashtra (237). No crimes by foreigners were registered in Jharkhand, Lakshadweep, Puducherry and Odisha. The News24 Goa