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DGP recent statement, supporting three infrastructure projects

Goa : BJP Cortalim MLA Alina Saldanha on Tuesday called DGP Mukesh Kumar Meena’s recent statement supporting the three contentious infrastructure projects passing through the Mollem forests “undemocratic.”“I am surprised that DGP Meena, who claims that before joining the IPS, was in the Indian Forest Service (IFS), has taken it up as his duty to promote the three linear projects through the protected areas of Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary and Mollem National Park,” Saldanha said.

She warned Meena against interference of the police “in activities related to the welfare of the state of Goa and its people, especially when the people of Goa have been agitating peacefully against the destructive projects”.“The police should primarily focus upon law and order within the state by bringing down the escalating crime index, as well as other illegal and anti-social activities that are presently plaguing the state,” she added.

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