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District court dismissed bail application of Salim Shaikh

GOA: The district court on Saturday dismissed the bail application of Salim Shaikh alias Abusalim Alla Baksh, an accused in the Santa Cruz shootout in June. The court took into consideration that a sword used in the incident was recovered as per his information. This would prima facie indicate that he was present at the time of the commission of the crime, the court said.

The court took note of the investigating officer’s reply stating that the scene of offence was under surveillance of CCTV cameras. “The offence committed is serious in nature as a person has lost his life. Considering the nature of the crime and the fact that the earlier bail application of the applicant was rejected, the applicant is not entitled for bail and accordingly this application stands dismissed,” additional sessions judge Sherin Paul stated.

The court had also denied bail to him last month. According to the investigating officer, interrogation of the accused revealed that he was present for a birthday party held at St Inez where the conspiracy was hatched and was also involved in the commission of the crime.

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