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Doctors have cautioned people during covid cases

Goa: Doctors have cautioned people, including the young, against letting their guard down during the current surge in covid cases in the state, adding that their nonchalant behaviour is putting additional stress on the health system. “The degree of severity in this disease is unpredictable. Some people have it very bad and are gasping for their lives, while others are managing well at home and others don’t even know they’re positive. It’s not true that only the elderly are dying,” a doctor said. “The older people are vulnerable and are going to die first. It doesn’t mean that the young people can take it easy.”

“The surge is predicted to be enormous in september and people should be more careful,” the doctor said. Although people are frustrated with having to follow restrictions for so many months, this is not the right time to relax, health workers say. “The young and old cannot be lax at this moment, especially after taking precautions till now,” a health worker said

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