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Environment minister asked latter of minister’s resignation

GOA: I will not resign as me resigning will not make any difference. I feel I can make a difference by staying on in office, environment minister Nilesh Cabral told an environmentalist, when the latter asked for the minister’s resignation over approval to the three projects through Mollem wildlife sanctuary and national park.

“I may not be a minister sitting in this chair after two years, but I will be meeting all of you and I will not put my head down then,” said Cabral, while speaking to environmentalists and activists during a webinar on the controversial projects. Cabral said that during the protests over the coastal zone management plan, he tried to meet citizens protesting on the matter. “I was trying to understand the issues. But I was booed,” said Cabral, who said he is keen to address any apprehensions over the Mollem projects too and is not averse to taking up the issue with the central government.

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