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Environment minister failed to inspect railway tracks

GOA: Environment minister Nilesh Cabral has failed to keep his promise to inspect the railway tracks between Vasco and Margao and identify measures to mitigate vibrations, chairman of Villagers Action Committee Against Doubling (VACAD) of South Western Railway Tracks, Orville Dourado Rodrigues, said.

During an online webinar debate organised by Rotary Club of Panaji on September 1, Cabral offered to visit the Cortalim, Nuvem and Margao constituencies to explain and prove how he has reduced train vibrations.

He also promised to address the concerns of the people related to the coal issue. On September 7, VACAD invited Cabral to inspect the current railway alignment in Cortalim constituency and experience first-hand the issues faced by residents living on either sides of the railway tracks, Rodrigues said. “VACAD awaits a response from Cabral to inspect the railway tracks,” Rodrigues said.

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