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Family not got dead body who had died by Covid-19

GOA: The family of a Fatorda resident was asked to take the body of their relative, who had died of Covid-19, and bury it on their own, claimed GFP president Vijai Sardesai . Sardesai slammed the government for the insensitive act and demanded that action against those involved. “According to the government’s own SOP and guidelines, the body must be handled by a trained health professional wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE). How then does Hospicio ask the relative to take the body of the Covid-19 patient home, that too at 3.30am in their own hearse van,” Sardesai said.

Sardesai also demanded that the morgue at the new district hospital be made operational within 24 hours so that a similar situation did not occur again.
The former deputy chief minister said that the newly inaugurated district hospital has a morgue with a capacity for 72 bodies, which was handed over to the directorate of health services two months earlier. “Operationalise the 72 slot morgue and keep one third of the facility for Covid-19 cases. In these days most of the deaths will be for Covid cases. Second, the insensitive staff, those who said all these things, action should be taken against them,” said Sardesai.

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