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Fishing Ban lifts today only 30% of entire fleet will go out to sea

GOA: As the fishing ban lifts today, only about 30% of entire fleet will go out to sea, say boat owners; acute labour crunch and anxiety about pandemic are triggers. If there’s one thing that Seby D’Souza regrets right now, it’s the fact that he never learnt to mend nets from his father. Seby, who is the treasurer of the Goa Fishing Boat Owners’ Association in Vasco, comes from a family of fisherfolk. “My father used to repair the nets himself; I wish I’d picked up the skill,” he says.

The all-round crisis has also sparked off some unexpected developments. Many locals who had given up fishing to open hotels or restaurants are going back to fishing now. “Some boys in my village are helping me out with the stitching of the nets. As for me, I had not gone sailing in a while. So I decided to bring out my canoe and go fishing again,” says Francis.
Paklo, a wholesaler at Malim jetty, says that many of those who lost their jobs in the lockdown, have taken up selling fish. “I have customers who buy fish from me and sell it in their localities. There is a greater demand for smaller fish like mackerel and sardines,” he says.

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