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Galgibaga, Mashem locals want footbridge over river

GOA: The residents of Galgibaga and Mashem, who live on either side of River Galgibaga, have demanded that a footbridge be built over the 100m-wide river. They said they have been severely inconvenienced ever since the ferry and canoe services were discontinued after the bridge on the Manohar Parrikar bypass road was commissioned.

The villagers said that they now have to trudge for 1km to get on to the approach road of the bridge and after crossing over to the other side have to walk another 1km to get into the other village.

“Using ferries and canoes, locals would cross the river for medical services, shopping, and to attend schools, religious activities, etc. The people are greatly inconvenienced, and a footbridge over the river is the need of the hour,” Fermina Barretto, a retired teacher, said.

The News 24 Goa