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Goa Dental College enrolled for various post

Goa: The students of Goa Dental College (GDC) who have enrolled for various post graduate courses have written to the government not to implement the revised fee structure for which an order was issued on November 6. The fees have been hiked from Rs 12,000 per semester to Rs 1 lakh per semester.The increase is “unjustified and arbitrary”, the students said. The hike, which has been implemented with retrospective effect, is not only contrary to the terms of the contract, but it is also against the principles of promissory estoppel, a doctrine in contract law that stops a person from going back on a promise even if a legal contract does not exist.

Many of the students seeking admission to dental courses have financial constraints, which are even more pronounced owing to the challenges thrown up by the prevailing pandemic and its consequent impact. At this juncture particularly, it would not be possible for many of the students to afford this unjustified fee raise, students stated in their letter to the health department.They said they opted for various post graduate courses based on the fee and stipend structure displayed during counselling and they presumed the same would continue.

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