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Goa emerging Covid-19 hotspots

GOA: Goa is fast emerging as one of the Covid-19 hotspots as new cases detected per day has been doubling over the last fortnight. Data released by the Centre shows that against the national average of 558 cases for every 10 lakh people, Goa has 1,236 cases.

In the past one week itself, the number of new infections has grown by an average of 5% every day, while the 7-day average growth rate for the country is 3.5%.

On June 11, there were 214 positive cases detected for every 10 lakh individuals. But almost a month later, it has jumped to 1,236 cases for every 10 lakh.

The WHO guidelines mandate a 14-day period helps measure the progress in Covid-19 control and a positivity rate above 5% can be categorised as a red zone. A high positivity rate also indicates that testing is not keeping pace with the spread of the virus and only those most likely to be Covid-19 positive are being detected.

On the bright side, Goa has a significantly higher testing rate with 79,864 tests conducted till Wednesday. This means that for 10 lakh people, 51,860 people were tested. Pan-India, that figure is 7,588 per 10 lakh. At 60.75%, Goa’s recovery rate is also on par with the national average.