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Goa Government Permitted Churches to Reopen

Although most churches prefer to defer their reopening, they have started planning so that they have SOPs in place to welcome back the faithful once covid cases dip.

The parish has prepared a timetable as it plans to make more Masses available to the people. Evening Masses are also on the cards, to ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to participate while maintaining social distancing.

“People too are of the opinion that we shouldn’t start immediately. In the meantime, we are putting a plan in place and keeping everything ready in accordance with the SOPs so that we can apply for permission from the archbishop to start when the curve flattens,” he said.

“Everything is in the planning stage. It will take time,” parish priest Fr Walter de Sa said.

“Some parishioners feel we should hold on till September as the cases are only rising. Although some are enthusiastic to return, others are very cautious. It is unlikely that we will be able to start services in the next two months,” he said.

The archdiocese on June 22 prescribed strict guidelines for churches and stated that the measures would be inspected before permission is granted for reopening of each church. The central government permitted places of worship to open on Jully 8.