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Goa has been ranked 16th at national level

GOA: In  NITI Aayog’s first report to examin export preparedness and performance of Indian states, Goa has been classified as an under-performer and has ranked 16th at the national level. NITI  Aayog has categorised Goa among Union territories, where the state comes second to Delhi. As per the Export Preparedness Index (EPI) 2020 report, Goa has a score of 40.9 out of 100 and Delhi 45.8 for export preparedness. The national average is 50.

NITI Aayog prepared the report in partnership with the Institute of Competitiveness. It is meant to help states identify challenges and opportunities, enhance the effectiveness of government policies, and encourage a facilitative regulatory framework. “The Indian economy holds immense potential to become a strong exporter on the world stage. To realise this potential, it is crucial that India turns to its states and Union territories and makes them active participants in the country’s export efforts,” said NITI Aayog vice chairman Dr Rajiv Kumar.

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