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Government appointed former Civil Servant Agarwal

Goa: The state government has appointed former civil servant N D Agarwal as advisor to prepare a report for the inclusion of the Dhangar-Gouly community in the list of scheduled tribes (ST) under Article 342 of the Constitution. The Dhangar-Gouly community  a shepherd tribe is among the most backward in the state, and the Goa government’s efforts over the past decade to have it enlisted as an ST community have failed.

A senior official said that several petitions submitted to the Centre in the past have failed to make any difference, and hence the present renewed effort. He also said that the Dhangar-Gouly population is miniscule compared to other tribes in the state.
“Most Dhangar-Gouly communities continue to live in hilly pockets of the state, with cattle rearing as their main means of livelihood,” he said. However, the community is slowly moving to more developed areas in search of livelihood.
A senior official said that stringent forest laws have made their survival challenging, since they’re under watch by forest department staff, who suspect they endanger wildlife.

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