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Government asked Ramdev’s Patanjali to stop Advertising medicine

After the government asked Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved to stop advertising medicines it launched yesterday as “coronavirus cures” until they are examined, Union Minister Shripad Naik said it is a “good thing” that the yoga teacher has given the country a new medicine but it needs proper permission from his Ayush Ministry. Patanjali sent documents related to the medicines only yesterday to the ministry, he confirmed.

“Anyone can make medicines. Anyone who wants to make medicines has to go through the Ayush ministry task force. Everyone has to send details of the research to the Ayush ministry for confirmation. This is the rule and no can advertise their products without it,” the minister asserted.

The Ministry of Ayush asked Patanjali to provide details like the composition of the medicines, the results of its research, the hospitals where the research was conducted, whether the company had a clearance from the Institutional Ethics Committee and whether it had registered for the clinical trials. Ramdev claimed Patanjali’s medicines showed “100 per cent favourable results” in clinical trials on 280 patients in Delhi, Ahmedabad and other cities. Patanjali collaborated with the privately-owned National Institute of Medical Sciences or NIMS University, Jaipur