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Government continues to ignore Goa’s Industrial Sector

GOA: The state government continues to ignore Goa’s industrial sector even though, after the closure of mining and tourism, the economy depends on the manufacturing sector to survive, said entrepreneurs at the annual general meeting of the Goa State Industries Association (GSIA).

“Some of the members were sceptical of the government’s intentions,” GSIA president Damodar Kochkar said. “In spite of the fact that the economy of the state now largely depends on the industrial sector, the government gives scant attention to the industries.”
Kochkar also informed industrialists that with Covid-19 cases rising in Goa, entrepreneurs will have to learn to live with the pandemic. “Industries must ensure that all the guidelines of the government and the standard operating procedures circulated by GSIA should be meticulously followed. Any concealment of positive cases will adversely affect the other workers, their families, and will also affect industrial activity,” Kochkar said.

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