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Government formed committee to prepare draft plan

GOA: The state government has formed a committee to prepare a draft plan for mangrove management, to tap its vast cover in the state for tourism. The committee, headed by Dr Simon D’Souza, will have to submit its report in 45 days. Apart from its tourism potential, it will also see what’s the best way to protect mangroves as well as how they can be protected.

A senior official said that in other states, governments have used mangrove cover for tourism activities, and that Goa too can make mangroves attractive to tourists coming to Goa. The committee can call records as necessary and analyse all reports, documents, studies and publications as available in respect of mangroves. It will also carry out field visits and consultations with stakeholders, and study the present law, rules and regulations.

The state government has also formed two different committees to prepare a draft plan for the fishermen community in Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) areas, and for khazan lands. The terms and reference of the latter is to focus on the revival of khazan lands. A senior official said that people have started cultivating in khazan land. “The committee will submit a report on how to revive khazan to derive benefits from it without damaging the environment,” he said.

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