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In Goa 90 New Positive Cases in Newer Areas

Goa Forward Party (GFP) president Vijai Sardesai on Wednesday slammed chief minister Pramod Sawant for keeping opposition MLAs out of the meetings called to discuss the Covid-19 situation. Terming it as a move to keep the opposition in the dark, Sardesai questioned the ‘plan B’ in discussion, this while Covid-19 cases in the state are on the rise. 

“Compare it to Goa’s 15 lakh population, which has 90 new positive cases in newer areas, and health infrastructure that’s saturated and a mysterious ‘plan B’ which no one knows,” Sardesai said.

“The pettiness of excluding opposition MLAs from discussions on a crisis that affects public health smacks of growing insecurity and self-doubt that’s plaguing BJP, whose MLAs have nothing to offer but their inherent ignorance and natural impotence,” Sardesai said.

“It’s a shame that even when community transmission is full-on in Salcete, the Goa government cannot see beyond the party in its fight against Covid-19! Enjoying keeping minority legislators out of loop is like revelling being frogs in a pond,” Sardesai said.