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JEE test dates were announced and cancelled

GOA: After answering the JEE, the first batch of students to take the test from Goa and their parents said that they were relieved that the exam is finally done with. The test dates were announced and cancelled on two previous occasions. Parents said the admission process should also be expedited now or else students stand to lose half their first semester. The exam will continue till September 6. “There was five to six months delay. Students were waiting to enjoy their holidays. But it was all ruined. Now we don’t know how the admissions will take place. Most part of the year has been wasted,” said Mahadev Chavan, a parent from Vasco.

“The students are preparing for the exams at least for one and a half years. If admissions are not held now within the next one month then students are sure to lose a major part of their semester,” said Ramprasad Prabhudessai, a parent .Students began queuing up from 7.30am for the 9am session of the exam. The SOPs for the test provided by the National Testing Agency (NTA) were followed to the last mile. Students lined up outside the exam centre with one meter distance between them more than an hour before the exam.

Each students was thermally screenedand their admit cards were scanned using a device to avoid touching. Sanitisers were provided at different points and students were divided into batches of 12, giving them staggered entry and exit timings. “We were tense at first due to the circumstance, but it was comforting to see the arrangements. We were guided well through the entire process,” said Megha Jacob, a resident of Santa Cruz.

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