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Main pipeline supply network burst at Colvale

GOA: The Bardez taluka will receive little or no water supply on Thursday as the main pipeline of the supply network burst at Colvale. The repair works are expected to be completed early Thursday. The accident damaging the 1,000mm pipeline occurred near the Viraj nursery at Colvale around 11am on Wednesday.

The pipeline is the major link carrying treated water from the Assonora plant to different parts of Bardez taluka. This line runs from Tivim to Colvale. The incident occurred after part of the road had been dug up to replace an old water pipeline with a new one. Earthmoving machinery that was deployed for the task accidentally struck the large pipe. The consequent gush of water, which almost touched the overhead high-tension power lines, led to traffic movement being halted for close to an hour. Spillage stopped temporarily after the authorities at the water treatment plant in Assonora were alerted.

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