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Mapusa court granted permission to two Bulgarian nationals

Mapusa court has granted permission to two Bulgarian nationals, arrested for alleged theft of customers data at an ATM, to leave India and visit Bulgaria for three months . The accused told the court that they have to take care of aged parents and attend to their businesses which are suffering losses.

The two accused Ivo Petrov Metchenov and Milen Ivanov Davranski were arrested in January for allegedly installing a skimming device in a Bank of India ATM in Mapusa. A chargesheet has not been filed. The complaint was filed on January 4, 2020. In the present case, there is no limitation to file the chargesheet and nobody knows when the trial will commence, the court stated.

“It is not known as to when the chargesheet will be filed and therefore considering the facts and circumstances and in the interest of justice it would be just to permit the applicants to travel abroad.” the court stated, imposing conditions to ensure their attendance in court when the chargesheet is filed and trial begins.

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