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Margao has crossed 100 new corona confirmed cases

GOA: Covid-19 cases were being detected from certain pockets hutments, building or residential areasof towns and villages in early July. However, this is no longer true. Cases have spread beyond the limited area, signifying the heightened pace of infections in midst of monsoon when other viral infections are also on the rise.

For instance, Margao, which has crossed 100 confirmed cases, has infections detected from all over the town. The conditions in Mapusa, Ponda, Dharbandora or Porvorim that have more cases detected during the last 15 to 20 days, is not different from Vasco and Cortalim though their caseload may be comparatively low.

“We may not have 300 or 400 actives cases as reported in Vasco or Cortalim, but the underlying point is that now Covid-19 is everywhere,” a health officer in North Goa said.
In Margao, the initial cases came from Moti Dongor, a slum area of the commercial town, but now cases are being detected from all over the town, a health officer said. “It’s a sign that the virus is everywhere,” the officer said.

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