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MEA decided to crack down unregistered agencies

Goa: The ministry of external affairs (MEA) has decided to crack down on unregistered agencies in Goa which are recruiting people for jobs abroad and has launched investigations into the operations of at least 32 agencies. The Union ministry’s Protector of Emigrants met with state authorities to coordinate the exercise and also discussed instances of illegal overseas recruitment and duping of people with job offers.

“There are 32 agencies or individuals who are being investigated in Goa, we are checking their papers,” Singh said. There are only eight registered overseas recruitment agencies in the state, Singh said. “Intelligence has revealed that the 32 agencies were found to be sending not just Goans, but also residents of Maharashtra and Karnataka abroad for employment, he said.

“There isn’t any specific complaint, but the information we got from our sources says that they have collected the resumes of candidates and their passports, they have collected money from them and have promised jobs in Dubai,” Singh said.

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