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Michael Lobo Said That No New Casino

GOA: Ports minister Michael Lobo said that no new casino vessel will come in Mandovi for the next two years and there is no application pending before the government for a new offshore casino. On Congress allegation that the government is getting one more offshore casino, Lobo said that no more casinos are coming to Goa. “No seventh offshore casino will come to Goa as only six licences have been issued. Casino licences were given when there was a Congress government in the state,” he said.

He said that one casino operator had made an application for change of vessel, but later it was withdrawn. “In the next two years, there will be no replacement of casino vessel,” the ports minister said.Lobo said that if some casino operator wants to replace an existing vessel then they have to apply and the government will tell the media.On IIT Goa, Lobo said that it is required because Goans travel outside to study at IITs.

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