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MLAs to get tested for Covid-19: speaker Rajesh Patenkar

GOA: With the monsoon session of the state legislative assembly slated to start on July 27, speaker Rajesh Patenkar has appealed to all MLAs to get themselves tested for Covid-19. Patnekar’s appeal comes after the legislature secretariat advised all MLAs not to conduct any meetings or briefings in the run-up to the assembly session.

The guidance comes after a BJP MLA from South Goa contracted the virus along with his family members. The MLA has been shifted to the dedicated treatment facility for Covid-19 patients at Margao. Goa Forward Party MLA Vijai Sardesai has questioned the state’s preparations for the state assembly session, suggesting that the virus could be transmitted within the House.

“Many MLAs have to run to every spot where there is trouble or where the coronavirus has struck, at least this is the expectation of the people. It could happen that by chance they too could get infected,” Patenkar said, justifying his appeal.