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Netravali village in Sanguem renewed their demand

GOA: Fed up with the poor healthcare facility, locals of the remote Netravali village in Sanguem have renewed their demand for upgrading their rural medical dispensary (RMD) to a primary health centre (PHC). “The government seems unconcerned about the health of around 4,500 people from the ten wards of Netravali, including the hilly areas of Tudav-Verlem and Salgini,” said an elderly villager.

During emergencies, the villagers are forced to travel 35km to reach the nearest health centre at Sanguem. The nearly 750 villagers residing in the hilly areas of Verlem-Tudov and Salgini have to cover an additional distance of 18km to reach the PHC, with the bad roads making the journey even more cumbersome.

Deputy sarpanch Abhijit Desai told that, in 2017, the panchayat had written to the health authorities requesting that the RMD be upgraded to a PHC following a demand from the villagers. “But so far nothing has happened. The villagers continue to suffer with regards to poor health care facilities,” Desai said.

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