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Only 4candidates, all BJP, filing nominations

Goa : With only four candidates, all BJP, filing nominations for the posts of adhyaksha (chairperson) and upadhyaksha (vice chairperson) of North Goa and South Goa zilla panchayats, respectively, their election to the top slots now remains a formality.Kartik Kudnekar representing Socorro zilla panchayat and Suvarna Tendulkar representing Sanvordem constituency are poised to be elected chairpersons of North and South Goa zilla panchayat, respectively, unopposed. As for the vice chairperson’s post in both districts, Diksha Dilip Kandolkar (Sirsaim) and Khushali Jorgo Velip (Barcem) have bagged them, also unopposed.

The deadline for filing nominations was Thursday and the meeting to elect the new heads will be held on Friday.“Only one set of nominations was received for both the posts. The declaration of their election will be formally made at the meeting to be held on Friday,” Triveni Velip, CEO of the South Goa zilla panchayat, told.BJP had scored an emphatic victory in the zilla panchayat polls held last month, thereby retaining its sway over both the second tier panchayat bodies of the state with a comfortable majority.

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