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Panaji and TERI are incentivising recycling with barter system

GOA: The Corporation of the City of Panaji and TERI are incentivising recycling with a barter system where citizens can exchange recyclable items for groceries. The ‘shop with your waste campaign’ which will be launched on Friday allows citizens to use their waste as currency.

One shop, Roopacycle and general store opposite Pharmacy College, has become a part of the campaign and will accept a minimum of 35 milk pouches (clean and dried), a minimum of 30 pet bottles (crushed and dried) and cardboard boxes (flattened and dry). In exchange people can take away daily essentials, including bread, milk, eggs, rice, pulses from the shops.

The campaign is in association with GIZ India and TERI under the Waste NAMA project. “You can exchange waste with whatever shopkeepers have in their stores. This barter exchange system will help the city in collecting recyclables. If children can see that its possible to buy a packet of biscuits by exchanging used milk packets and pet bottles, it will promote recycling and upgrade recycling rates in the city,” project consultant TERI-GIZ Dilshad Ahmad said.

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