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Passing Hurry Call for Meeting: Damodar Kochkar

GOA: Amending the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 to compel industries to compensate retrenched workers for 45 days instead of the existing 15 days is contrary to the central law and could become counter productive to the state’s plan to attract investment to Goa.

While industrial establishments in the rest of the country are obligated to compensate workers at the rate of 15 days wages for every year of service, industries in Goa will now have to pay for 45 days. This, said industry leaders, will deter investors from setting up fresh industrial units in Goa.That aside, industry associations are concerned over the ability of financially weak MSMEs to compensate retrenched workers at the higher rate.

“There is a labour advisory committee which comprises people from industry, labour unions and government, a tripartite committee. Instead of passing it in a hurry, call for a meeting of the committee ,” said GSIA president Damodar Kochkar.

 The News 24 Goa