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Police denied forcibly taking murder accused Zenito Cardozo’s

GOA: In its reply to the Goa State Human Rights Commission, the police have denied forcibly taking murder accused Zenito Cardozo’s aunties to the police station to interrogate them about his whereabouts when he was absconding.

“The allegation of being forcibly being brought at the police outpost is incorrect. So also other allegations made by the complainants in the present complaint are totally false and baseless, and appears to have been made to derail the process of investigation,” SP North submitted to the Goa Human Rights Commission.

The police added that the four persons, including aunties of Cardozo, had voluntarily appeared at the Taleigao police outpost on July 23 to enquire as to why police are in search of Cardozo. Police inspector at the police outpost informed them that the police were searching for Cardozo as he was the prime accused and has been absconding, the commission was informed.

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