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Rain has wreaked on basmati rice fields

GOA: Rain has wreaked havoc on basmati rice fields in the state’s hinterlands this season. Affected by the continuous rain that lashed the state till last week, nearly 50% of the crop planted during the lockdown has started showing signs of decay, leaving farmers running from pillar to post trying various treatment options.

“Cultivation of basmati rice was a very successful project in the villages of Netravali. However, due to the rain, 50% of the crop has been damaged,” block technology manager, agriculture technology management agency (ATMA), South Goa, Soham Ghate said.

Pandurang Naik, one of the first farmers from Vergani to experiment with growing basmati this season, said that a significant section of his crop has been decaying. To tackle the problem he has used a few organic mixtures like herbs, tobacco and cow urine. However, the concoction has not helped. “We are therefore left with no choice but to cut off the damaged portions to contain the spread of decay. The objective is to salvage as much crop as we can,” he said.

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