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Residents of Curchorem, have Tested Positive

GOA: Two health workers,  both residents of Curchorem, have tested positive for Covid-19, thus taking the total number of cases under the jurisdiction of the Cacora PHC to seven. While one is attached to the Hospicio hospital, Margao, the other is working at the primary health centre, Quepem.

“Both the patients were in quarantine since their swab samples were drawn after the end of their duty period. They have been shifted to a covid care centre,” an official of the health department said.

Eight new cases were detected in Margao on Friday. Some policemen and personnel of the 108 ambulance were subjected to Covid-19 tests after the unknown person whom they helped shift to the Hospicio tested positive post mortem.

Meanwhile, sources said that in the containment zone of Moti Dongor, the situation has returned to near normalcy with almost all the persons who had tested positive being discharged and no new positive cases detected.

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