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Rivalry war Between Two Gangs

Goa:Goa police said on Wednesday that the Santa Cruz shootout last month was a fallout of a rivalry between two gangs — Boom Boom, led by Imran Bepari, and Bang Bang, led by Zenito Cardozo — trying to establish their supremacy over each other.

“The interrogation of accused persons, namely Sunny D’Souza and Francis Hadar, was carried out on June 23,” Old Goa PSI Chetan Saulekar said. “It was revealed that the incident was a fallout between the Boom Boom and Bang Bang gangs, operated by Bepari and Cardozo respectively.”

Saulekar also said that it was revealed that Cardozo was the prime conspirator.

Cardozo, in his application, said that the police stand has been that the incident had its roots in gang rivalries. The police had alleged that two men from different gangs had their eyes on the same woman and would regularly issue threats to each other, before things got out of hand on the weekend the shootout occured.