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Scant concern appears to give social distancing

GOA: Scant concern appears to be given to social distancing norms at Maria Hall junction in Benaulim, where people have been flocking in the evenings for over a week now to buy fresh fish and solar shrimps. A variety of fresh fish caught by traditional fishermen is laid out for sale along a 50-metre stretch of the main road, prompting people to crowd the area. “People first survey the fish available, then check prices and later start bargaining. Many a time, there are more curious onlookers than there are buyers,” one villager said. Apart from not maintaining social distance, many individuals either do not wear masks or wear it below their nostrils.

“Some motorists don’t even buy fish but park their vehicles without any regard for other motorists. When we request them to park responsibly, we get abused,” a Colva traffic policeman said. According to figures obtained from the Cansaulim primary health centre (PHC), the village of Colva has 97 Covid-19 while Benaulim has reported 71 cases. The villages of Cavelossim, Carmona, Orlim and Varca fall under the Chichinim primary health centre while Benaulim and Colva come under the Cansaulim primary health centre.

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