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Shortage of beds for critically-ill Covid-19 patients

GOA: The shortage of beds for critically-ill Covid-19 patients is partly due to the fact that those who require hospitalisation require lengthy stays, and are only discharged after a fortnight. “People with moderate to severe Covid infection, once admitted, have to be kept for at least 10-15 days in hospital,” said GMC’s head of pulmonary medicine, Dr Durga Lawande. “If they are discharged prematurely, complications can occur.”

Another doctor who treats Covid patients in a government hospital said that patients who are discharged sometimes develop breathlessness and collapse. “We have to keep them for 10-12 days,” the doctor said. “We repeat their x-ray. The scan has to be clear and all blood parameters have to be normal. They should not have any fever or cough, and should not turn breathless while walking.”

“It’s very difficult to discharge patients before 15 days,” said consulting physician Dr Oscar Rebello. “You cannot turn over the patients because the critically-ill require long stays.” Another doctor said the state should follow the practice of other hospitals in the country and transfer patients from a Covid ward to a non-Covid ward or non-Covid area after 10-15 days. “They may still be dependent on oxygen and may still test positive, but they’re no longer infectious,” he said.

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