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Six Covid-related deaths took place in state

GOA: Six more Covid-related deaths took place in the state taking the toll to 456. Cumulative infections crossed the 35,000 mark on Sunday with 428 new cases reported. Two of the six deceased, both males aged 70 from Canacona and Merces, expired within an hour of being admitted to Hospicio Hospital and Goa Medical College. One was reported to have hypertension as a cormorbid condition while the other had hypertension and diabetes.

The others were all women aged, 79, 45, 73 and 67 from Paithona, Salvador do Mundo, Socorro and Curchorem. All developed Covid pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome. Three of them had diabetes and hypertension. One also had COPD and the other also had chronic kidney disease. The youngest of the four didn’t have any comorbidities and died after two days of admission.

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