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Special Philatelic Cover On Basilica

Goa : The Goa postal division will be releasing a permanent pictorial cancellation on the Basilica of Bom Jesus and a release of a maximum card which will be a one-day issue on the Basilica. A special philatelic cover to commemorate the 180th year of expansion of postal services in Goa is being released in connection with World Post Day on October 9.Among all churches and other Catholic edifices in Goa, the Basilica visited by thousands of tourists and pilgrims in the former capital every week.

Postmaster general, N Vinod Kumar told  that the permanent pictorial cancellation will be provided at Velha Goa Post Office and “all postal articles posted there will carry this beautiful cancellation.”The department of posts in Goa recently stumbled upon a gazette notification dated February 17, 1841 which proves that the Portuguese postal services and the postal services of Goa started much earlier. Prior to this, they were under the impression that the originating date is 1854.

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