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State Government Has Decided To Reengage

GOA :The state government has decided to reengage the services of “retired resourceful teachers” holding a PhD degree to work in the government sector so as to “utilise their academic excellence and skills”.According to the scheme, the maximum tenure of engaging the services of the retired teacher will be up to three years from the date of retirement/superannuation or up to the completion of the approved project, whichever is earlier002E.

Under the scheme, a retired senior professor can receive a maximum monthly remuneration of Rs 1.4 lakh, a professor Rs 1.3 lakh, associate professor Rs 1.2 lakh and assistant professor Rs 80,000. The retired teachers will also be allowed to retain the accommodation with a 10% deduction in their remuneration.The scheme is also aimed at providing effective academic advise to student to help them utilise the extensive network of academic support services available on campus.

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