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Taleigao for construction of the new panchayat complex

GOA: Even as activists are protesting the filling up of fields in Taleigao for construction of the new panchayat complex, experts, in an online programme, said that wiping out the last patches of fields in Taleigao will lead to flooding in the area in the future, similar to that experienced in Panaji today. “In many areas in Panaji haphazard landfilling has been carried out to construct buildings and today we experience flooding. The same may occur soon in Taleigao,” said Miguel Braganza, who has expertise in the fields of agriculture and botany. Planner and architect Tallulah D’Silva said that town planners need to start seeing fields and other such eco-systems as infrastructure too.

Braganza said that comunidades, which were traditionally protectors of the agricultural land, have turned real estate brokers. “Comunidades are in existence. They seem more concerned about selling off the land and filling their own pockets,” he said. President of farmers’ club of Taleigao, a farmer and attorney, Xavier Almeida, said that sewage has become a common sight in the fields in Taleigao, due to unplanned construction. “Farmers are completely discouraged by this. The sewage is directly poisoning the water table in Taleigao,” he said.

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