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Teaching for new academic year 2020-21 begun online classes

GOA: Teaching for the new academic year 2020-21 has already begun online in colleges in Goa, with institutes using e-content they have developed themselves. To boost this effort, the directorate of higher education (DHE) will be launching its own dedicated YouTube channel on October 5, where undergraduate and postgraduate students will be able to view recorded lectures.

“We have called the effort DISHTAVO, which means enlightenment in Konkani. It is an acronym for Digital Integrated System for Holistic Teaching and Virtual Orientations,” director of higher education, Prasad Lolayekar said.

“It is called micro-learning, where we scale down the interaction time of the learners with the material. With the videos, the students will also find questions and answers and other study material related to the project. The students will also be provided an exhaustive list of online (open source content) and offline material on the topic for reference,” said Vandana Naik  

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